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Our Mission

To create a therapy center for children with Down Syndrome to spread knowledge and a skill-based center play for hands-on learning in every age range.

Our Vision
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To empower and educate Arizona parents with the appropriate knowledge to help kids with Down Syndrome succeed and reach for the stars.


AstroKidz was founded in 2018 by Diana Quach. Diana is a mother of 4 amazing kids, two whom have Down Syndrome. Her dream is to create a Down Syndrome center, a place of inclusion or second home, where kids will be provided with the necessary education, skills, networking, and fun to live out their best lives. 


Our Mission at AstroKidz is to have a center to help educate parents, to empower them with the tools to help their child with Down Syndrome, and to bring in knowledge and a skill-based center play for hands-on learning in every age range. We want to build a facility fully equipped with the different equipment needed to help guide our little ones to crawl, walk, jump, run, swing, and learn to pedal a bike. These types of vital equipment will help build strength upper and lower body, balance, climb, sensory building, etc. 


We want to engage the community by recruiting volunteers to teach life skills and utilizing education based therapeutic skills to help individuals with Down Syndrome and their families. Speech, occupational, physical, and music therapies will be provided to all skills and levels. We hope to empower the parents with the appropriate knowledge, hope encourage and lead their kids to success.


Our goal is to create an environment that will help us teach our community how amazing these individuals are and for them to join and unite our community. We'd like to network with schools and provide resources and skills for educators and community members who will be working with individuals with DS.



We want all individuals with DS to thrive and

reach for the stars! 



Meet the Board


Director & Founder

Diana Quach

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Board Member

Jessica Flores



Doan Nguyen

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